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05 June 2006 @ 10:53 pm
So i finally got around to making that personal fanmix of mine, as vivier has done before me. it's just an assemblage of songs that i either have a personal relationship to, meaning that it was me and my first boyfriends song or some such thing, or it is a song that just reminds me of some special time when i was a lot younger than i am now. for example track one. another day in paradise. i remember hearing the original by phil collins when i was a kid, and as the cover was released i just got hit by a wave of nostalgia. then, i'll be okay was the song i listened to after my first boyfriend broke up with me. so, yeah, these kinda things were the criteria for the choices of songs on this mix. you might have some of these songs, and you might not, but i hope you'll enjoy this mix anyway.

♥s and lot's of love.


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05 June 2006 @ 10:51 pm
And here we go again. i'm in a severus mood at the moment [as you can see by my last icon post] and i just had to make a mix for him. ther are so many thoughts about him swirling around my head, and i still can't completely decide if i can trust him or not. but i sooo want to!

I was inspired by this wonderful remus/lily fanmix by exitsign and wrote a little..hm, can't call it fic really, just a little explanation for why i chose the songs i did, and why i put them in the order they are. this fic again was an attempt at using the stlye of ElizaM's story countdown, which i adore very much. i must say that i like this mix a lot myself, and am especially proud of the cover art, which features some of my favorite fan art of snape.

Poison & Remedy

Edit: i have re-uploaded the zip. enjoy ♥ (21.07.09)

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